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Last updated 12:43 PM on 1 June 2015
Sci Con '15 was held at Prairiewood High School on Thursday, 30th April and showcased a broad range of scientific journeys available to our students.
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Two special keynote speakers commenced and ended the day: Professor Mary O'Kane, NSW Chief Scientist & Engineer, and Professor Fred Watson, astronomer-extraordinaire.

Professor Mary O'Kane

Overall, there were more than three hundred and fifty students who attended from five partially selective high schools across the region.  Twenty four academics from six universities, along with notables from the government and private industry from the world of science presented more than forty presentations in six venues across the school.

A/Prof Colin Wastell library


What a day!  Please read the attached report for full coverage of this spectacular occasion.

Sci Con '15 (pdf 1047 KB)

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